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soil erosion
          Introduction and explanation of grass reinforcement
          Environmental information (use of recycled materials & SUDS)
               Driveway lawn / grass protection
               Gravel driveways and vehicle parking
               Gravel installations
               Caravan parks and campsites
               Single aircraft hardstanding/parking
         Pedestrian paths
         Soil Erosion
Application Photos
           Photo index page
           PERFO-SD - Uppingham School, UK
           PERFO-SD - Country Park, Essex, UK
           PERFO-SD - North Weald, UK
           PERFO-AK - Aurora, Canada
           PERFO-SD - Spencer Gorge, Canada
           PERFO-AK - Shoeburyness, UK
           PERFO-AK - SV Hintersteinenberg, Germany
           PERFO - Sky Meadows State Park, USA
           PERFO-AK - Virgin Active Gym, Rayleigh, Essex, UK
           PERFO - Andrewsfield (EGSL), UK
           PERFO - "Texas Airport" Cloppenburg-Varrelbusch (EDWU), Germany
           PERFO - Marl-Loemühle Airfield (EDLM), Germany
           PERFO - Hohenems-Dornbirn Airport (LOIH) Austria
Technical Details
          PERFO-SD (Standard) tile specifications
          PERFO-EQ tile specifications
          PERFO-AK (Anchor) tile specifications
          PERFO-AK+ (Anchor Plus) tile specifications
Installation Information
          PERFO installation information
          General information leaflet
          Vehicles information leaflet
          Airfields information leaflet
          Equine information leaflet
          Golf course information leaflet
          Campsite / Campground information leaflet
          Leisure Parks information leaflet
          Agricultural information leaflet
          PERFO installed in gravel leaflet
          PERFO-SD (Standard) tile specifications data sheet
          PERFO-EQ tile specifications data sheet
          PERFO-AK (Anchor) tile specifications data sheet
          PERFO-AK+ (Anchor Plus) tile specifications data sheet
          PERFO range installation guidelines
          Video index page
          Flash Videos   HTML5 Videos  
                Reinforced Airfield Taxiway          Reinforced Airfield Taxiway
                Andrewsfield Airfield          Andrewsfield Airfield
                Reinforced Bridlepath          Reinforced Bridlepath
                Uppingham School          Uppingham School
                Kihnu Estonia          Kihnu Estonia
                Kihnu Estonia 2          Kihnu Estonia 2
                Kihnu Estonia Installation          Kihnu Estonia Installation
                Derwent Archery Club          Derwent Archery Club
                Cloppenburg Varrelbusch          Cloppenburg Varrelbusch
                Guernsey Airport          Guernsey Airport
                Schaffhausen Airfield          Schaffhausen Airfield
                Private Airfield Scotland          Private Airfield Scotland
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