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 PERFO-SD reinforced helipad
 PERFO-SD reinforced grass helipad with white marker tiles
PERFO-SD reinforced grass helipad
Ideal for private & emergency helipads

The PERFO system is ideal for reinforcing helicopter landing areas and helipads.

High load bearing is achieved and the natural appearance of the grass area is maintained.

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PERFO-SD helipad
Grass grows through the PERFO tiles
PERFO reinforced grass runway
PERFO reinforced runway

Complete runways
or sections can
be reinforced.

Increased flying season

Safer more secure surface

Natural drainage maintained
PERFO grass runway mats
PERFO runway
PERFO reinforced grass runway
PERFO airstrip

PERFO prevents airfield closures due to waterlogging and mud

PERFO prevents rutting
of the soft wet ground
PERFO reinforced grass runway
PERFO airstrip
Mallards Landing HOA Locust Grove Atlanta USA
PERFO runway
Mallards Landing HOA Locust Grove Atlanta USA
PERFO runway
reinforced aircraft taxiway
For reinforcement of grass taxiways and access routes.

The PERFO reinforcement
system can be used to reinforce complete routes or sections prone to water logging and rutting.
reinforced taxiway
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PERFO is the solution for wet, rutted and muddy grass parking areas.

Suitable for single
aircraft hardstandings
and complete general aviation parking areas.
reinforced aircraft parking
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aircraft hardstanding
PERFO-SD aircraft hardstanding

Easy and fast installation means there is very little disruption to airfield operations during fitting.
reinforced aircraft parking
PERFO-SD reinforced GA parking area
reinforced hangar apron
PERFO-SD hangar apron

PERFO ground reinforcement is ideal for hangar aprons and hanger floors.

The tiles can be contoured to meet existing tarmac and concrete edges.
hangar floor
PERFO-SD hangar floor
 PERFO-SD reinforced hangar apron
 PERFO-SD hangar apron reinforcement
after installation
3 months later
one year later

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