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PERFO-SD canal towpath

An ideal solution for heavy trafficked pedestrian
grass areas

A perfect solution for worn grass areas being used as shortcuts

PERFO tiles can be rolled / compressed into existing grass and turf without excavation

PERFO-SD reinforced path

PERFO-AK tiles in gravel

Easy and quick installation after which the grass grows through the tiles

PERFO mats are clipped together on top of the existing grass and compacted in using a roller or vibrating plate

Ideal for areas used as shortcuts

PERFO-AK porous pavement

Other installation options include the use of a sub-base and installation into gravel or crushed stone

PERFO tiles when used with gravel are also top applied and vibrated into the gravel base

PERFO-AK pedestrian path

PERFO mobility path

The semi-closed surface of PERFO makes it perfect for wheelchair use

PERFO can be used for permanent and temporary paths

smooth surface suitable for wheelchairs

PERFO-EQ exhibition walkway

PERFO tiles are the ideal solution for showgrounds, country fairs, festivals and outdoor exhibitions

It is usually more cost effective to install PERFO pemanently instead of hiring single use grass protection products

PERFO-EQ exhibition walkway

Wetlands path

Reinforced Canal Towpath                                         
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