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Anchor Plus Tile
Material: PE
Colour: Black
Closed surface area (load bearing): 100% in two tiers with vertical drainage slots
Surface structure: raised profile for grip / drainage channels
Load bearing capability: up to 100 tonnes/m²*
* depending on ground conditions and preparation
Dimensions (individual tile)** 400 x 400 x 60 mm
  **not including connecting lugs
Weight per tile: approx 920 g
Dimensions as supplied
(made-up section):
120 x 80 cm
3 x 2 Perfo tiles
Area per made-up section: approx 0.96 m²  
Weight per made-up section: approx 5.5 kg  
No. of sections per pallet: 47  
Total surface area per pallet: approx 45 m²  
Weight per pallet: approx 280 kg  
Height per pallet: approx 225 cm  

Resistant to oil, solvents, salt water, most acids.

UV and frost resistant

Does not rot

White tiles for marking purposes,
eg. to demarcate parking bays or for centre-lines
are also available on request
Download Perfo Anchor Tile Plus Specifications
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Dec 2015
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