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parking & tracks
paddocks & stables
footpaths & floors
golf paths
yards & factories
soil erosion
          Introduction and explanation of grass reinforcement
          Environmental information (use of recycled materials & SUDS)
               Driveway lawn / grass protection
               Gravel / crushed stone driveways and vehicle parking
               Gravel / crushed stone installations
               Caravan parks and campsites
               Single aircraft hardstanding/parking
         Pedestrian paths
         Soil Erosion
Application Photos
           Photo index page
           PERFO-SD - Uppingham School, UK
           PERFO-SD - Country Park, Essex, UK
           PERFO-SD - North Weald, UK
           PERFO-AK - Aurora, Canada
           PERFO-SD - Spencer Gorge, Canada
           PERFO-AK - Shoeburyness, UK
           PERFO-AK - SV Hintersteinenberg, Germany
           PERFO - Sky Meadows State Park, USA
           PERFO-AK - Virgin Active Gym, Rayleigh, Essex, UK
           PERFO - Andrewsfield (EGSL), UK
           PERFO - "Texas Airport" Cloppenburg-Varrelbusch (EDWU), Germany
           PERFO - Marl-Loemühle Airfield (EDLM), Germany
           PERFO - Hohenems-Dornbirn Airport (LOIH) Austria
Technical Details
          PERFO-SD (Standard) tile specifications
          PERFO-EQ tile specifications
          PERFO-AK (Anchor) tile specifications
          PERFO-AK+ (Anchor Plus) tile specifications
Installation Information
          PERFO installation information
          General information leaflet
          Vehicles information leaflet
          Airfields information leaflet
          Equine information leaflet
          Golf course information leaflet
          Campsite / Campground information leaflet
          Leisure Parks information leaflet
          Agricultural information leaflet
          PERFO installed in gravel leaflet
          PERFO-SD (Standard) tile specifications data sheet
          PERFO-EQ tile specifications data sheet
          PERFO-AK (Anchor) tile specifications data sheet
          PERFO-AK+ (Anchor Plus) tile specifications data sheet
          PERFO range installation guidelines
          Video index page
          Reinforced Airfield Taxiway
          Andrewsfield Airfield
          Reinforced Bridlepath
          Uppingham School
          Kihnu Estonia
          Kihnu Estonia 2
          Kihnu Estonia Installation
          Derwent Archery Club
          Cloppenburg Varrelbusch
          Guernsey Airport
          Schaffhausen Airfield
          Private Airfield Scotland
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